Commercial Sandblasting Services in Eagle Ford, Texas

Sandblasting is a cleaning and roughening technique involving compressed air and steam. Special sandblasting equipment is used for cleaning metallic surfaces as well as glass etching. In commercial sandblasting, a blaster air nozzle and a compressor are used to force the abrasive at high pressure. The type of grit to be used depends on the application.

Grits for sandblasting

The most common types of elements used include:

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Glass Beads
  • Crushed Glass
  • Copper
  • Iron Slag
  • Shell of Walnuts

Aluminum Oxide is used during surface preparation and finishing. Glass Grit, on the other hand, is ideal for getting rid of contaminants from aggressive surfaces. For paints and shallow coatings, plastic abrasives are used because they are not likely to cause damages to surfaces during scrubbing. Walnut shells are also helpful in scraping and cleaning stubborn surfaces without causing physical damage to the surface.

Sandblasting can be done on different surfaces including wood and metal in homes and commercial sites. The primary purpose is to clean old coatings off stain and paint, ceiling wood décor, removing smoke stains or fire-caused stains, and exposing the grain in wood for higher effect among several other uses.

Whether you’re in Odessa, Corpus Christi, or Eagleford, sandblasting services in the area can also give households a whole brand new look by restoring wood ceiling beams and siding. Other projects that can be ideally sandblasted are swimming pools, cars, warehouse structures, parking decks, driveways, silos, machinery, industrial blowers, and concrete surfaces among others.

Looking for a Sandblasting Company in Eagle Ford

There are several companies that are lined up for this kind of services, but not all of them will give you the results you need. A professional company that works from scratch to the top is the company you should be looking for. First and foremost, sandblasting services begin with surface preparation. The idea is to get the best service for the asset you want redeemed, and to know the purpose is the way to get started. Most commercial sandblasting services are geared towards giving the company a new look, either through general cleaning or through painting. Whatever the case, it is imperative for this contractor to have that information beforehand so that the right preparations are done.


Various surfaces and Treatment

To maintain the quality of the surfaces, appropriate materials for scrapping and cleaning are used. The material is chosen depending on the surface to be sandblasted, and the nature of the stain.

Soft Surfaces

Walnut shells are biodegradable and non-abrasive; therefore, they make the ideal media for smooth surfaces. They are appropriate because they are not likely to leave ugly marks on the surface to be treated. Glass beads can also be applied on soft surfaces because of their ability to create a sparkling, soft surface. They may be recycled several times as well. Although Aluminum Oxide has been used before as a good medium, it requires high levels of cleanup because it is a known environmental hazard.

Hard Surfaces

Silicon carbide is the most suitable gritting material for hard surfaces. It is used mostly on surfaces that are hard enough to withstand high amounts of intensity. Steel grits can be popular for jobs of this kind because they make refined and durable surfaces.

Automobiles Treatments

When choosing the right contractor for sandblasting services, ensure that they understand fully what is at hand to avoid unprecedented damages on your assets. Cars and vehicles, in general are manufactured using materials that can easily be dented. The best medium to use for automobiles will be acrylic, polyester, urea, and melamine. These are the materials that are not likely to cause any physical damage to your auto. A professional sandblaster will know what to use in a given circumstance, and that is one thing you should know about your contractor before signing any agreement with them.

Dry Ice Treatment

Dry ice treatment is one of the modern methods of sandblasting in the market. Mostly it is used for blasting heavy machinery and electronic gadgets by spraying dry ice pellets across these surfaces at high velocity. This is an effective method that rejuvenates surfaces and gets rid of resident dust without scrubbing.

With all the knowledge about sandblasting at your fingertips, the next time you’re looking for services you’ll know where to look. This will help you acquire the best because you already know what you’re looking for in commercial sandblasting.

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