Commercial Sandblasting Services in Eagle Ford, Texas

Sandblasting is a cleaning and roughening technique involving compressed air and steam. Special sandblasting equipment is used for cleaning metallic surfaces as well as glass etching. In commercial sandblasting, a blaster air nozzle and a compressor are used to force the abrasive at high pressure. The type of grit to be used depends on the application.

Grits for sandblasting

The most common types of elements used include:

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Glass Beads
  • Crushed Glass
  • Copper
  • Iron Slag
  • Shell of Walnuts

Aluminum Oxide is used during surface preparation and finishing. Glass Grit, on the other hand, is ideal for getting rid of contaminants from aggressive surfaces. For paints and shallow coatings, plastic abrasives are used because they are not likely to cause damages to surfaces during scrubbing. Walnut shells are also helpful in scraping and cleaning stubborn surfaces without causing physical damage to the surface.

Sandblasting can be done on different surfaces including wood and metal in homes and commercial sites. The primary purpose is to clean old coatings off stain and paint, ceiling wood décor, removing smoke stains or fire-caused stains, and exposing the grain in wood for higher effect among several other uses.

Whether you’re in Odessa, Corpus Christi, or Eagleford, sandblasting services in the area can also give households a whole brand new look by restoring wood ceiling beams and siding. Other projects that can be ideally sandblasted are swimming pools, cars, warehouse structures, parking decks, driveways, silos, machinery, industrial blowers, and concrete surfaces among others.

Looking for a Sandblasting Company in Eagle Ford

There are several companies that are lined up for this kind of services, but not all of them will give you the results you need. A professional company that works from scratch to the top is the company you should be looking for. First and foremost, sandblasting services begin with surface preparation. The idea is to get the best service for the asset you want redeemed, and to know the purpose is the way to get started. Most commercial sandblasting services are geared towards giving the company a new look, either through general cleaning or through painting. Whatever the case, it is imperative for this contractor to have that information beforehand so that the right preparations are done.


Various surfaces and Treatment

To maintain the quality of the surfaces, appropriate materials for scrapping and cleaning are used. The material is chosen depending on the surface to be sandblasted, and the nature of the stain.

Soft Surfaces

Walnut shells are biodegradable and non-abrasive; therefore, they make the ideal media for smooth surfaces. They are appropriate because they are not likely to leave ugly marks on the surface to be treated. Glass beads can also be applied on soft surfaces because of their ability to create a sparkling, soft surface. They may be recycled several times as well. Although Aluminum Oxide has been used before as a good medium, it requires high levels of cleanup because it is a known environmental hazard.

Hard Surfaces

Silicon carbide is the most suitable gritting material for hard surfaces. It is used mostly on surfaces that are hard enough to withstand high amounts of intensity. Steel grits can be popular for jobs of this kind because they make refined and durable surfaces.

Automobiles Treatments

When choosing the right contractor for sandblasting services, ensure that they understand fully what is at hand to avoid unprecedented damages on your assets. Cars and vehicles, in general are manufactured using materials that can easily be dented. The best medium to use for automobiles will be acrylic, polyester, urea, and melamine. These are the materials that are not likely to cause any physical damage to your auto. A professional sandblaster will know what to use in a given circumstance, and that is one thing you should know about your contractor before signing any agreement with them.

Dry Ice Treatment

Dry ice treatment is one of the modern methods of sandblasting in the market. Mostly it is used for blasting heavy machinery and electronic gadgets by spraying dry ice pellets across these surfaces at high velocity. This is an effective method that rejuvenates surfaces and gets rid of resident dust without scrubbing.

With all the knowledge about sandblasting at your fingertips, the next time you’re looking for services you’ll know where to look. This will help you acquire the best because you already know what you’re looking for in commercial sandblasting.

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Quality Commercial Sandblasting Services in Texas

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a cleaning activity normally carried out on a flat surface with the intention of making these surfaces sparkling clean. It involves running at very high speed some bits of materials over these surfaces, the bits knock out dirt on the flat surface hence making it easy for the surface to be cleaned. The set up to a sandblasting process consist of an abrasive, a nozzle and air compressor. In earlier days, sand was the most common material used for sand blasting but has since been replaced by other materials primarily because of the health factors involved. Sand can bring problems to the breathing system if inhaled with a lot frequency.

1870 was the first time the government patented sandblasting. Since then, it is the most common process used for preparing surfaces for paints and also for cleaning other surfaces to give them the best and most attractive looks.
Sandblasting has also been adopted in decorating glass through two processes namely; Etching and curving. Etching is normally used to color a glass or write some words on the surface of the glass. Curving on the other hand, is meant to shape a glass with the intention of giving it the nicest look.
The cost of sandblasting is relative. We can not be able to permanently fix a price tag to sand blasting because there are so many factors that determine the pricing. The size of work and the professional carrying it out are some of the factors that bring difference in the sandblasting costs.

Our Pros

When we bring our services to your offices or commercial areas, we guarantee you the most complete and thorough cleaning in Texas. We boast of a team comprised of highly professional and qualified individuals who are always willing to give you the best. These individuals exhaustively know all the required information about sandblasting; they know which abrasive to use on different surfaces. They not only give you the best work in Texas but also ensure that they have left you with the necessary knowledge about sandblasting. If it were not for these highly skilled individuals, then we would not be the most sought out Industrial Commercial Sandblasting, Texas.
The equipment used by our staff are the most modern and effective equipments in the industry. In fact, many of the newbie’s will not be able to operate the machinery at our disposal. In our company, we are adaptable to technology; we get new equipment every season to keep abreast with the ever evolving technological advancements. Technology not only comes to ease work, technology leads to better and timely services.

Choosing the wrong abrasive for a particular surface can result to terrible work. Our professionals are highly skilled at choosing the right abrasive for your work. The abrasive at the hands of our employees are a wide variety hence enabling our professionals to choose the right abrasive for your work.

We bring the highest standards in term of sandblasting service in Texas. Our Company does not only stick to meeting industrial standards but also leads in the search for new innovations that will yield better results. Our employees are involved in a lot of research that is meant to find out from our clients, irrespective of whether they are home owners or commercial entities, about how best we can improve our services. We have twenty fours stand by customer service desk that will always react to your inquiries almost in real time. With us, you are guaranteed quality of service all round.

Commercial Sandblasting

Giving your business the best look will go a long way in winning the hearts of your clientele. The exterior look and interior looks of your business will send a very strong message to your clientele about your abilities. Normally, clientele believe, well maintained offices and buildings are directly related to performance. That first impression in the business world is what sets business apart from each other. Our services will prepare your wall for painting and also provide cleaning in other areas where pressure washing can not be effective. We take care of cracked walls, peeling paints, cleaning walkways and many more giving your business an excellent look. Our services also gets into the offices, cleaning the walls inside for some new paint and also cleaning other equipment s inside the rooms that need a sparkling look.
We pride ourselves as the most sought out Commercial Sandblasting, Texas.

Why You May Need a Professional Residential Sandblasting Company in Eagle Ford

Why You May Need a Professional Residential Sandblasting Company in Eagle Ford

Today, many people fear the cost associated to giving their ancient homes a new and spectacular look. Well, your house could just need a little face lift on the outside to create more curb appeal and show off the creative designs. You need someone to come out and sand blast your decorator bricks and iron fences. Typically, people call the professional Residential Sandblasting companies in Eagle Ford to come in and do this work for them, as it can be laborious and dirty.


Professional residential sandblasting and coating service providers in Eagle Ford are being called more and more each day. The reason behind this is that people do not have the money to totally restore their fixtures or stones so they choose to have a company to come out and professionally clean their stone, glass or iron surfaces. So if you need to paint that old iron fence but can’t get the old paint to come off, consider giving your local sandblasting provider a call before you start that project.


If you have been in the midst of expensive home remodeling jobs such as insulation or new drywall hanging; you may find that the most economical way to get the job done is by doing it yourself. Nevertheless, sandblasting is not a process which should be attempted at home. If you have decided to take on this task, it is important to follow the proper safety procedures.


The first of these precautions is to obtain some sort of goggles or protective eye-wear to prevent particles from entering the eyes. These particles can be very harmful to the eyes, which are so sensitive, and because the particles are so small it may take quite a bit of rinsing before all the particles have been removed from any eyes left naked.


Secondly, when sandblasting, it is important to be particularly vigilant about respiratory issues. This is because fine particles are being distributed through the air, dust can become trapped in the lungs and cause health problems. Therefore, at the very least, both the mouth and the nose should be covered by a surgical mask during sandblasting. It would be even better to use a complete respirator mask, if possible. It may be possible to rent one from the same place where you obtained that sandblasting washer machine. Additionally, dress properly before sandblasting: wear protective gloves and a complete set of coveralls. The gloves should be sealed to your long sleeve shirt with duct tape so that no particles are able to seep into your clothes through the gaps.


On the contrary, professional residential sandblasting in Eagle Ford uses the latest technologies complementing it with the understanding of the safety procedures making the process easier and less precarious compared to the DIY residential sandblasting. Notably, today’s techniques for residential sandblasting have improved a great deal making it easier and faster to clean or polish your stones, or iron gates. The professional residential Sandblasting, Eagle Ford have sandblasting equipment for every type of job. No job is ever too small or too large for most companies them.


The process involves blasting fine particles onto a surface to clear away any paint, graffiti, rust, oil, grease, dirt, oxides, or etchings which have appeared there using special abrasives and minerals to smooth out the rough patches and revive the stones or concrete that has been beaten by the weather for years. Giving your home and yard a fresh clean new look.


This delicate procedure can clean any surface without damaging the original features. As time goes on the outer surfaces that are exposed to the elements can become dull or stained and no longer has the luster of years gone by. It will cost you less to have a sandblasting or coating provider come to restore your property than it would if you spent countless hours trying to remove those stubborn stains yourself.


Therefore, when sandblasting it is best to leave that up to the professional residential sandblasting experts in Eagle Ford as it is not as easy as it may seem. You have to take the proper safety measures to ensure you don’t cause injuries to yourself while attempting to clean your surfaces. There are also health hazards associated with sandblasting so each employee is highly trained and aware of all safety measures needed to complete the job correctly without causing injuries to them as they complete your task.